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Foods that Boost your Memory

There are times when it's difficult to concentrate on studies or even at work. Though it is a cliché to hear people saying eat the right food to increase brainpower, chances are they're true.
When looking for the right food that could increase memory, try the following organic and natural foods and even food supplements that are helpful.

Foods that help in increase memory:

Oily Fish: Eating fresh cooked fish can make you really smart. Fish that usually people eat to sharpen their memory should be rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Tuna for instance is composed of good fatty acids that are needed by the cells of the brain to be more powerful and improve memory.
Soy: Protein in food boosts the brain cells in transmitting information to the brain for added memory power. Soy has this benefit of pure form of nutrient that is extracted from soybeans. Because the protein coming from it is isolate it can be found in supplements may it be in powder or liquid form. This is effective for verbal and visual memory that also contributes to mind flexibility.
Eggs: Some still take this idea for granted, but the brain must be provided with essential fats. Good fatty acids must be derived from healthy foods like eggs since the body does not produce this naturally.
Gingko Biloba: This is widely used in the Eastern part of the world for thousands of years now and most well known as the most effective cure for memory deficiency. It helps increase blood circulation in the brain and helps increase the supply of oxygen to it. It is a wonderful compound but do not assume instant effects for it could take three to four weeks before the results can be felt. And because it eliminates free radicals in the brain, it also helps in preventing any damages in the brain cells.
Water: It is one of the most important elements required for a healthy brain, thus, contributing to a good memory. The human brain is composed of 70% water. The more it is hydrated, the better it functions. When it becomes dehydrated, it could produce cortisol, a hormone that alleviates the capacity of the brain to store information.
Iron Rich Foods:
Iron rich foods help people to concentrate and increase brainpower. Clinical studies also show that iron could develop an individual's span of attention. This can either be taken in supplements or in beans, lean meats, seafood and iron fortified snacks. Taking vitamin C supplements or citrus fruits aids the body in absorbing all the iron taken in each meal.
Vitamin B Complex Supplements: In general Vitamin B complex supplements have resulted in becoming one of the most promising in alleviating mental and physical stress. It helps ensure acetylcholine activity, which is an important chemical for the brains memory function.
Dietitian’s Advice: Having an egg for breakfast, Almonds or Walnuts for munching,  Green or Black Tea during lunch, with sage in pasta sauce at dinner and 6 to 8 glasses of water the whole day, can sharpen your memory.

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1234567 says :

What to give for growing children. As my son is 6 yrs what do you recommend to increase his memory?


Kaden says :

This atrilce achieved exactly what I wanted it to achieve.