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Dear Dietitian May I Have Paani Poori On My Diet

Well why not J. I consider myself a very liberal dietitian. Having said that, it doesn’t mean I will allow you everything and anything to eat. But, I respect the cravings of the body and will help you surpass or succumb to them in tolerable allowances.

Paani Poori or Gol Gappas as I call them are a hot favourite all across the Indian palette. They may seem similar but the taste changes from one stall to the next.

A best paani poori is crisp yet not too hard to tear the skin of your inner mouth; it is tangy and spicy all at the same time with just a hint of sweetness.
Mouth watering, ain’t it? So, if you are a gol gappa fan like me let me tell you that you can enjoy some even on your weight loss diet.
All you need to do is keep these bits in mind:
Firstly, enjoy your golgappa plate at noon. The high salt content in the tangy water may cause water retention if had in the evening which hampers your weight reduction on scales.
Secondly, ask for wheat poories and the smallest ones. Avoid suji.
Thirdly,avoid the sweet chutney and potatoes in the gol gappas. This will cut back on few more calories. The black channas are allowed.
Fourth, preferably have gol gappas about six small as a meal for lunch time and that too on a day when your DesiDieter dietitian prescribes a wheat plan.
Lastly, go on a salt free diet at night. Have a bowl of papaya and an apple followed by low fat milk later. This helps take of water retention that may have accumulated.
So, go ahead and enjoy your weekend on a spicy note but remember to check with your dietitian if you can eat some chaats before you splurge. You cannot have a plate of paani poories/gol gappas on a gluten-free diet. Individulas with high blood pressure are also advised not to eat chaat items due to high salt content. 
I am trying to explore the calorie content of all chaat items, as soon as the list is done I will surely update ithis article.
And, further on a health note, here are a few chaat recipes from DesiDieter:
Hope you like our recipe section. Incase you would like us add more recipes please do write to us at and we will gladly update our recipe bank.
Tina Khanna
Diet Expert

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renuka says :

hey can you pls send me a diet plan as i want to loss my tummy fats


Karishma says :

Early morning 6 AM Luke warm water with Lemon and Honey

7 AM Oats or you can have Kellogs with Skimmed milk

9 30 AM a low calorie fruit Eg Apple Papaya watermelon orange etc

12 30 PM Lunch two chapatis with dal and vegies

2 30 PM you can have green tea

4 PM Gym

6 PM fruit juice

8 30 PM Dinner vegies and fruit Salad


keerthi says :


My name is KeerthiAge 26 weight 58 height 5 3
How much time it takes for loosing around 7Kgsif i follow this diet plan